USceneComponent::SetRelativeRotation has no effect during ragdoll

Hi everyone,

During ragdoll, I want to have my character at some point:

  1. Stop spinning
  2. Set to a certain rotation programatically
  3. Continue falling

In UE4.8 I did the following and it worked for me all along:

  1. Call UPrimitiveComponent::SetPhysicsAngularVelocity(FVector(0,0,0)) to stop the character from spinning
  2. Call USceneComponent::SetRelativeRotation to set my desired rotation

With the 2 calls above, my character would continue to fall with the desired rotation and it no longer spins in the air.

After upgrading to UE4.9, it seems that USceneComponent::SetRelativeRotation no longer has any effect on my character. Can anyone tell me if I am doing anything wrong? Thanks a lot in advance.