[Urgent] Need Staff Help Please

All default Directional lights created in 4.8.1 update fine in viewport but the lightshafts are crooked InGame.

There is no other way for me to explain the problem im having.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled 4.8.1 twice and all light with shafts do it new scenes and new projects in 4.8.1.
… but not version 4.8.0 OR 4.7.6 .

Ive waited a day or so with not even a single comment from staff or anyone really.
I need a solution its urgent, im losing development time and my overhead grows each hour i waste.
I need staff help to figure this out,have experience with UT2/UT2.5 editors,UDK and UE4 and ive never seen anything like this from a light actor before.

**If you know ANYTHING,Please Speak Up.
Even if your not sure, take a guess it may lead to something.

Thanks in advance.**

You received a comment from staff, here:

We are currently investigating a fix for the issue, for reference the bug report number is UE-17199. In the meantime, if your Screen Resolution is exactly 100% you should not see any bloom, light shaft errors.

Just wait until it’s fixed. It’s really an acceptable bug compared to many others in UE4 :stuck_out_tongue: I wish the worst bugs I experience would be like this one. You really have luck.

As John pointed out you have already been assisted with this issue. Please refrain from making duplicate posts. I’m closing this as a duplicate post.

If you need access to 4.8.0 (if this didn’t occur in that build) you can always pull the source code from GitHub and build locally on your computer using Visual Studio.


This may or not be fixed in one of the future hot fixes or this may pushed out to 4.9 when that releases in the future.