URGENT - Motorcycle Engine Reveal

Hello UE4 community,

I am currently working on a project and have come to a cross roads. I have a Motorbike consisting completely of static meshes all compiled into a single actor class blue print. The aim was to have the panels of the motor bike explode off to reveal the engine underneath and then contract on again once the user had completed some customisations.

I managed using “timeline” and “set relative location” nodes to do this. However, the panel interaction works perfectly the first time around and then breaks with stuttering animation if you try the command a 2nd or 3rd time.

It is hard o explain in words so here is a screen recording of what is happening. - Excuse the poor frame rate i used a rubbish software screen recording software.

My computer specs are the i7 5820k, 32 gb ram and a titan x (Maxwell)

Attached are screen shots of my script and my blue print

Any insight would be great!

Kind Regards


Your youtube video is private,

but at a glance, try the “Play from Start” instead of just “Play” on the timelines

…Or use matinee…

sorry it’s public now

I was thinking to use matinee. However, i wanted to add more interactions like changing the wheels and materials etc. So i thought maybe using blue print would be better?

Well, didn’t see anything in that video that Matinee can’t do…
Including changing materials and hiding / showing meshes etc.

Thanks for your responses. Changing it to play at start did make the animation play better. However, it did have a tendency to break the animation. I will try a matinee solution and then repost

Hello Community,

I am currently still prototyping the car configuration VR experience.

In this experience parts of the car panel explode off so that individual parts can be edited using VR controllers.

However, for some reason i can’t get the return animation to execute as soon as the command is fired.

It also only happens when you move the character. For example if you press “f” and the panels explode and do not move the character the return interaction works as expected.

However, If you press “F” move around and look from another angle the return animation only plays after a short delay and i’m not sure why?

At the moment i am using matinee to move the parts and the sequence is set to play after the F key is pressed within the level.

I’ve tried authoring the animation through a class blueprints using timeline and set relative transform nodes. I got the same issue.

Here is a youtube link to my screen recording and shots of my blueprint any help will be appreciated.