URGENT: JOB OFFER: Please help! 2 weeks

Hi All,

Re: PAID: URGENT: JOB OFFER: Please help! 2 weeks

So I am stuck trying to develop an experience for university and deadlines are fast approaching… i need this done by the 10th of June and I have a lot to do still so I am hoping that someone out there is willing to help! I am ready to pay… please send me quotes. Most of the content creation has already been done as you will see… it just doesn’t work and I am not talented or experienced enough to figure it out!

As I said i have begun a VR project in Unreal 4.15.3 and I have reached the limit of my capabilities. There is still a lot that I would like to achieve but I don’t have the skill or time to finish it. I need it ready by the 10th of June. Very short notice, I know! As a bit of context: I am working on university projects developing the future of spatial experiences and visualisation through VR relating to architectural briefs. Mouthful i know…

My project is to be an interactive VR experience of under water particles. I have designed the particles and set them up in various levels in Unreal. I have attached a short very low resolution video of this in the link below.

What I need done now is:

  1. Set up the character so that when touching the particles, pop up screens appear giving information about them (see image attached)
  2. Make the character’s skin very slowly disintegrate (see image attached)
  3. Make the project compatible and functioning on android for Samsung Gear VR (it is very slow at the moment because of the heavy particles and I don’t know how to simplify the graphics),

Problems I have encountered:

  1. Finally managed to launch onto phone but it is very slow and the image is upside down. When connected to the gear, the screen goes black and the Occulus app starts instead of mine.
  2. Start Screen doesn’t work so have to launch without the start screen
  3. Crosshair appears and disappears and no longer interacts with anything (i tested this by using print string)
  4. Character mesh problems… so many i wont begin explaining right now
  5. Packaging doesn’t work… leads to a black screen and then occulus app starts as when launching

I can upload the actual project on drop box or something… its 20gb so not sure how to share it…

I am local to London so London based would be best although not a prerequisite… These next few weeks I will be all the time anyway!

Please send me quotes asap! I am desperate and this is not a con or whatever… I am ready to pay.

Thanks all!

i dont think i will be able to help you with the project but as far as the project sharing goes. try an SVN server. they are easy to set up. provide version control and with a bit of port-forwarding it can easily be acessed from anywhere. even yourself while on holiday or whatever.
i am currently running VisualSVN:

I think our VR studio might help you. Sent you a PM.

I’m also getting packaging problems with android, gonna bookmark your studio for when I launch, if that’s ok

Why did you make a new thread? This is exactly the same as this thread ->!&p=716704#post716704