UPROPERTY not saved to NonEditor Build (shipping/debug)

Hi guys, i’m creating some variables on my plugin which works with no problems until creating a Game only build

The folowing properties are inside a Character
UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere,BlueprintReadWrite, Category = “Paper ZD”)
class UPaperZDAnimBP *AnimationBlueprint;
UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category = “Paper ZD”)
int myint; //TEST

So, maybe i’m wrong about this but, aren’t this properties supposed to retain their values when going on Shipping build? they reset or null themselves.

So even if on editor, after saving, i have not null variables… on the shipping/debuggame builds this are null/zero.

Am I wrong on thinking that this properties should have retained their values?

If this is wrong, what is the correct way to make an instance/class retain those UPROPERTYs when going on a non-editor build?

It seems this is this way for every custom UObject that i have… they all deserialize as NULL… wtf?

On closer inspection… the default CDO for the NonEditor builds have all NULL values… but on editor they don’t…

is there a step i’m missing?

What is your UPaperZDAnimBP class derived from? If it’s an actual blueprint object (your class is derived from UBlueprint/UAnimBlueprint) rather than an animation instance asset (derived from UAnimInstance), then it won’t exist in a packaged build, which would explain the null pointers.

Hey man, i actually ended up solving that problem and you’re totally right… the Blueprints aren’t loaded at runtime, as well as any object that has a Blueprint as a Outer or is on that hierarchy…

Using the GeneratedClass and moving the objects hierarchy solved the problem.

Thanks a lot