UProceduralMeshComponent not destroyed when owning Actor is deleted from level


I have an editor only actor that can be added to a level. This actor has a UProceduralMeshComponent inside it. When the actor is later selected and deleted the ProceduralMeshComponent is still showing up in the memory report using “memreport -full” and the mb RAM usage never returns back to before I added the actor :frowning:

The procedural mesh component is being created using:

MyProcMesh = CreateEditorOnlyDefaultSubobject<UProceduralMeshComponent>(TEXT("MyProcMesh"));
RootComponent = MyProcMesh;

I have tried:

  • Setting the RootComponent to nullptr
  • MyProcMesh->DestroyComponent inside the BeginDestroy() of the actor
  • Using a USceneComponent as the RootComponent and using SetupAttachment() to attach the MyProcMesh to the scene component.

The MyProcMesh UProceduralMeshComponent is added to the actor and I can use it but when it comes to deleting/removing the actor the UProceduralMeshComponent is still showing in the memreport.

I did a memreport before adding the actor and there are no ProceduralMeshComponents but after adding three actors and deleting them there are then three ProceduralMeshComponents left behind.

I also left it for 10 minutes for the garbage collector to do its checking but it never seems to clear them out.

I must be missing something regarding the dereferencing the UProceduralMeshComponent but don’t what to do.

Any help would be appreciated.