uPIT - The Free, Easy-To-Use Unreal Engine Plugin Installation Tool By HowToCompute

Hello Everyone!

I’m pleased to share my latest community tool with you all, µPIT. This is a tool that allows you to easily install plugins to Unreal Engine 4.

Please note that this is a new tool, and that bugs may quite well occur. If you experience any of these, please create a github issue here: Issues · How2Compute/uPIT · GitHub.

What Is µPIT?
µPIT (also known as uPIT) is an easy-to-use utility that allows you to install unreal engine plugins to your engine. It works for both Windows and Linux, and has advanced caphabilities like detecting binary builds (on windows) and generating plugin binaries during the install procedure (will ask you first, and will require the build tools).

How Do I Obtain µPIT?
µPIT can easily be obtained by heading to Releases · How2Compute/uPIT · GitHub and downloading the latest (stable) release. µPIT binaries have been tested on Windows 10 and on Arch Linux. If you’re experiencing any issues, please open up an issue so I can look into this.

I’m Having A Problem!
µPIT is still quite new, so problems are almost bound to happen. Please head to Issues · How2Compute/uPIT · GitHub and create an issue with a step-by-step set of instructions on how to reproduce the issue.

Are There Any Tutorials?
We’re working on them! We have only just launched µPIT so we can get some feedback from the general public, but tutorials will follow shortly.

I’d Like To Suggest A Feature!
Please consider opening up an issue so we can keep track of all of the feature suggestions in one single place.

What Are The Future Development Plans For µPIT?
We’re planning on creating a plugin browser. This way plugin developers can submit their github repo’s, and binaries so you, as a user, can expect a seamless install process. We’re currently still working on this, and aren’t done with this feature yet. If you’re a plugin developer that would like your plugin listed in the index when this update comes out, please stay tuned for future announcements!

Which Platforms Does µPIT Support?
We currently support Windows (10) and Arch Linux. µPIT may quite well work on other platforms too, however, we have not tested these platforms so cannot guarentee that they’ll work on these platforms.