UPgrade time+ slowness in places


Really happy to be using this engine, it meets and exceeds my expectations so can’t complain at all.

Sometimes, if I"m facing an area of complex terrain, choosing ‘play from here’ takes several seconds to start, which might seem logical enough.

I get my current rig is very limited, but up to this point its been stellar actually.

Phenom II x4 3.2ghz ( enabled ahtlon II x3 in bios,so its been REborn ha) + gtx 950 2gb OC1 ( I do not OC atm, prob never will ).

Is the bottleneck for such things, just my cpu ( I know its not the GPU ) and going with a actual quad amd 860k or i3-6100 ( can’t afford much more A T M ) will solve that.

I also have just 8 gb ram, which I know full well is another bottlened, but does that have anything to do with this behavior ?

I’ll be upgrading soon ( may wait for am4/zen not sure yet ) so I didn’t want to make a mistake & jump without trying to ascertain this.

ty all

Of course it’s the speed of your computer, better processor, better RAM, a good SSD will all help.

Yes indeed, I do have a good SSD so I’m slightely ahead of the game there, BUT ya, a big reason I wanted to upgrade is , terrain does take a bit if time to load, not UE4’s fault by terrain is complex and not small.

My mobo is a sata ‘II’ not III, so the upgrade is severely overdue, which will give a bit of a boost to the pciE3 gpu I have .

I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything b ut the CPU ( as I thought) given mine is showing its age as scene has grown in complexity :slight_smile:

Definitely worth waiting for Ryzen at this point since it’s supposed to be coming within the next 5 weeks. Hopefully it’ll cause some changes in pricing.

Upgrading the CPU to a new architecture should definitely be the priority, but it’s also going to require a new motherboard and ram.