UpDown / LeftRight swap depending on camera position?

Hi everyone,

I recently setup UE4 and am working through some tutorials - specifically the Twin Stick shooter.

I’ve gotten it working, in terms of the character running around on the level, using animation…

But I’m seeing some really weird behavior.

Specifically compared to the tutorial, UpDown and LeftRight seem swapped. I’ve gone back through and verified I setup all the inputs and Blueprint correctly. All the coordinates are right and my character and his arrow are aligned per the tutorial.

More strangely, sometimes when I emulate and play inside UE4, the character works properly. Here’s the specific repro case:

  1. Open my level, use right mouse button + mouse to rotate around. If I have “Y” strictly lined up horizontally, my character moves properly.

  2. Use right mouse button and offset “Y” a little from straight horizontal. Now my character runs opposite. Up/Down move him left-right, and Left/Right move him up-down.

Strangely, in either of the above scenarios, if i hit “Launch” the character runs incorrectly.

Am I misunderstanding what the right mouse button does in the level editor? I thought it just let me move around in the level, to edit it – but it seems to be impacting the actual coordinate system.

I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong or just misunderstanding the UE4 editor interface - but I’ve been stuck on this for a few hours so if anyone has advice on what i’m doing wrong I’d greatly appreciate it!

Found my issue. Would delete the post but figured others might make the same mistake by accident.

I had my SpringArm as a child of my Character… and the Camera was a child of the SpringArm. So you can imagine the sort of problems that would cause.

Moving the SpringArm to be a toplevel component and ensuring it doesn’t inherit pitch/yaw/roll fixed my problem.