Updating text file depended on user choice in VR

Hi guys,
I’m trying to update a csv. file with a string (could be an integer as well) every time a specific user input is made, in order for me to continuously be able to keep track of the choice made in a packaged project. I’ve stumbled upon the FFileHelper and FString, but cannot seem to crack the code in terms of updating the csv. file without simply just overwriting the content that already exists inside it.
Can someone point me in the right direction?

if you’re trying to change a specific field, you’ll probably want to just re-write the whole file. Unless you’re trying to append to it, in which case you can give FILEWRITE_Apppend as the write mode.

Read the file on begin play, update your in-memory data structures, write the file out at end play.
If you need more granularity than that, you probably want a database.