Updating Render Targets each Frame (or so)

Hey there guys… just a quick question…
Is there some limitation that I should consider when trying to update render targets in quick succession?

I’m currently developing an FFT GPU accelerated solver, and it works without issues, but when coupling this with the Spectra Generation, the solution comes black.

Now… i already tested the spectra generation and it displays without issues on the materials… but when trying to “Draw Material to Render Target” (a new one on the editor), they all display BLACK.

I’m at a loss
Any limitation that i am missing?

Ok guys i got it…

Was up all night doing this though.

The problem as that i was overflowing the 16f float… and this resulted in the render going to .1111f for some reason.
I expected the overflow to just wrap around the 16 bit float, but that was not the case.