updating project from ue5.0.3 to 5.1 error

geting the error :-

Game files required to initialize the global shader library are missing from: …<project path/content>.
even though i can confirm all files are there

i rebuilt it with visual studio , and rebuilt the editor from source a few times now , with no errors or missing modules to show , the editor will start up with a new project but whenever i try to open a copied version of my original project i get the error

and if its not that error , it then decides to say ,
engine modules are of date and cant be compiled while engine is running … please compile with ide (that i have only just done )

regardless of if i compile the game or editor debug etc in the ide nothing seems to work

is there some other step im missing ? in order to get the project to update to the new version

os linux 64 bit (opensuse tumblweed)
ue engine 5.1-release (built from source)
nvidia drivers 525.59 rtx 3080 ,
system dell t7810 2xe5-2637 v4 64gb ram

I’m having the same issue,
Did u ever resolve this ?
I’ve tried disabeling
and enabling (SM5)

This did not work.

ES3.1 just broke evrything and stopped urneal from launching in the first place.

maybe adding smth to the modules file.