Updating Mesh -> modifies all blueprints :S


So I have this game. I have a variable gender that loads from database and inserts it into a playerCharacter blueprint-

After this, when the gender is loaded, I do the following:

  1. CustomEvent on Server: sets a new anim instance and the skeletal mesh (of the girl / guy)
  2. Cast to all: same as above

The thing is, it works fine… just fine, with no errors.

However when I close thr project and reopen it, I can see that all the npcs and players (blueprints?) had their Location (from blueprint setting) resetted. Usually is set to X:0 Y:0 Z:-97, and Yaw:270. After I update the meshes of the characters (girl/guy) for some reason it resets all of this from even the parent blueprints… So I end up with all npcs and players floating above the ground (because of the -97 difference)…

Any ideas what could be this? the mesh is from FuseCC


here is the pic of what happens-