Updating DOF Per-Player In Realtime?

How can I go about modifying the DOF in Realtime? Basically I want to take the ShooterGame example a bit further, when the FOV of the Camera changes as you zoom in, I also want to change the DOF to focus on wherever crosshair is.

I know I can get the focus distance using a trace function, but where do we actually change these properties in realtime? Is it even possible? I know I saw it working in Gears of War 3 with the longshot, though I’m not sure if that was done with some trickery and a PostProcess Material.

#My Tutorial on Dynamic PP Updates

I have a tutorial here on updating post process volume during game time!

I show in the code how to make sure you are updating the global post process volume

it is per player because these changes dont replicate

Dynamic Post Process Updates




See Scene.h for the big struct of post process settings

PS: here is the code, more explained above

void AYourController::AffectAllGPPV()
	//list of all post process volumes in world
	TAutoWeakObjectPtr PPLinkedList = 

	//skips if first entry is not valid / there are no ppvs
		//print current ppv name to console
		//Global Post Process Volumes only: 
                //Display and change Bloom Intensity
		if (PPLinkedList->bUnbound)

			PPLinkedList->Settings.BloomIntensity = 20; 

		//go to next ppv
		PPLinkedList = PPLinkedList->NextHigherPriorityVolume;

How am I missing all these things you’ve done haha… Cheers Rama!