Updating a variable in an AnimBP only when it changes in the CharBP

Hi there,

I’m trying to update a variable in my Animation BP only when a corresponding variable changes in my Character BP. I’m trying to do this by updating the AnimBP’s version of the variable from the CharBP’s version only when the two differ:

This script runs from the Event Blueprint Update Animation node. I’m using print string to check whether the variable is only updating when Transition Status is different from Transition Status New. When I update the value (so that the two don’t match), the ‘true’ string repeats rapidly (as if it’s being printed every animation update), which I assume means that the set ‘Transition Status’ node is firing repeatedly, too.

Perhaps a Do Once is needed?

I’ve seen a few queries like this around, but none of the solutions offered has worked so far.

Any assistance gratefully received :sweat_smile: