Update: Unreal Online Learning Intermittent Login Issue - FIXED

Hi all,

Some users are currently experiencing intermittent issues when logging into the Unreal Online Learning portal. We are working to resolve the issue and will provide an update when more information is available.

Thank you for your patience.

-The Unreal Online Learning Support Team

**UPDATE: **To better assist our support team with your individual account, please submit this form. Thanks!

I was having trouble logging in for the past days, but today it worked! Thanks!

I’ve not been able to login for a few days. I guess I cannot complete the online learning challenge.

Not only does it not let me log in, if I am already logged in, it will log me out.

If you are continuing to experience issues logging into the Unreal Online Learning portal, please submit a ticket with us by emailing with as much detail as possible (e.g. browser version, screenshots, etc.). We apologize for the inconvenience.

-The Unreal Online Learning Support Team

I’ve submitted a ticket on 19/December/2020 and so far, other than a confirmation e-mail with the ticket number, the only reply I got was a blank message.

What happened to Unreal Online Learning? It’s almost a month since I submitted a ticket to support (still without an answer) and almost 3 months since my last successful login to the service. Any explanation of what’s going on?

Hi all,

Our internal developers have isolated and resolved the login issue. If you are still experiencing any unexpected behavior when logging into Unreal Online Learning, please submit this form.

Thanks for learning with us, and happy developing!