Update game by downloading files from a server in ue4

I am trying to create a kind of launcher, that can install and update game files that are situated in my server thanks to a http request (from ip adress). So, I put a ue4 game in zip into the server, added a plugin (Runtime Files Downloader) to doawnload it, and it works, except I only have a zip file in the client repertory, and the only plugin I find in UE4 to unzip this file doesn’t work.
First, is it the good method to download a files from a server ? I mean, is there any others ways to do what I’m trying to do ? (can ftp be a solution ?) And otherwise, is there c++ code or blueprint that allows unzip files and that is compatible with all plateforms ?
I appologize for my rubbish english and hope you can understand my point; thanks in advance to anybody who could help me out here :slight_smile:

I finaly found how to do this : with pak files.
Here the documentation : How To Create a Patch (Platform-Agnostic) | Unreal Engine Documentation