Update Editable Text Style for each Instance

Hello Guys,
I’m looking how to set an Editable Text Style in UMG.

I have a custom widget with a text inside. This widget is instanciated multiple times in my menu(s).
I have to change the style of the text (mainly the font size) for each instance, independently.

To be able to do that, I pre construct the style of my text with instance editable variables : Text label, color, visibility, font size…
Because that is impossible to bind the Font Size property with a normal textblock, I tried to use an editable text, which with it’s normally possible to SET the widget style.

But the problem is when I set the style of my editable text through my variable (type Editable text style), no properties are visually uptdated in the editor, or at game play.
However, in the details panel of my widget, the values are correctly updated!

The only property that is updated is the text label.
I can’t figure it out.

Any idea ?