Update CharacterMovement (Position) from external source

Our game has an external controller that not only does input but also calculates the position and rotation of the player in a flight sim. So we are being fed Position and Rotation from a TCP/IP socket separate from the PC Unreal is running on.
How does one tell the CharacterMovement component that “right now I am here” so it can tell the PC that is the game server where the player is?

The usual control is to have the player controller tell the CharacterMovement to get pushed around or path find and move. I do not see a SetWorldLocationAndRotation on the CharacterController.


Character class
Event [run on server] : → switch has authority[Auth] → SetWorldLocationAndRotation

The servers “Proxy” of the Plane is Authoritative. So you’d have the server make the move.

For smoothness I’d interp to the location/rotation. I’d also look at using UDP instead of TCP for this update. Especially for fast movement. For anything not time relative, game play oriented I’d use TCP.