Upcoming "Send to Unreal" add-on for Blender Feedback

Unless I am doing something wrong, the addon is not migrating some PBR textures correctly from Blender to Unreal. Specifically, I have had success with diffuse and normal maps, but metal and roughness transfer incorrectly. Metallic does not import regardless of the name being “metal”, “metalness”, or “metallic”. Roughness does import, but gets connectd to Metallic. I have not tested other types of map yet.

Result in Unreal:

I have a question concenring Blender scene collections. Been digging for info and can’t find an answer so here it goes:

Is there / will there be possibly support for multiple subcollections under the “Mesh” collection that’s contents export to Unreal?

as an example, I have a “Level Geometry” collection inside the “Mesh” collection. Inside the “Level Geometry” collection I have multiple collections like “Level1”, “Level2” and so on. Could the Send to Unreal addon perhaps keep the collection hierarchy I have inside blender, and copy it as folders in Unreal? So then my “Meshes” folder inside Unreal Engine would have subfolders just as I had them as collections in Blender… ?

I feel like it would make it much smoother to work on projects and would reduce the amount of moving stuff in and out of the “Mesh” collection inside Blender.

I’m more than happy to clear anything that might be confusing in my example. Sorry and thanks!