unwrapping curved pavement

Hi, i have modeled a house landscape in Blender 2.74, and I am now in the process of unwrapping the geometry. However, I am having a problem unwrapping a curved pavement. I am trying to apply a square stone, tiled in a brick pattern matter. I would also like this pattern to follow the curve of the pavement, but I am getting some distortion. A method I have found online, states, it is best to make a single tile mesh, unwrap it while it is still square, and then apply an array modifier and a curve modifier for it to bend along the curvature direction of the pavement. This does a good job, but once I scale the UV’s bigger so that the texture would repeat itself, the distortion of the texture worsens.
After I had thought about another possible solution, I came up with the idea to see how Unreal Engine unwraps a cylinder BSP brush, and I could see that each face is unwrapped separately as opposed to all of the faces being stitched together. However, this created terrible seam breakage between each face. So I am trying to figure out what could solve this problem, as I could of sworn I seen other mesh examples where brick tile patterns do not cause either of the 2 problems above. Therefore, I could really use some help from others in this forum.

Thanks. Bob