Unwanted shadows on dynamic meshes

So I have these weird shadows on dynamic objects. The shadow keeps the same location even when I move the objects and darken every objects that goes through them.

Does anybody knows what that is ?

Could be a very blurry reflection rather than a shadow, or could be a smoothing problem with the mesh

Did you bake lighting? Looks like bleeding from Volumetric Lightmaps.

If you started the scene in the default one with content already in it(like the sky sphere, fog, two cubes, etc), it has existing Volumetric Lightmaps that won’t go away/update until you rebuild lighting or disable static lighting in the project. You can also toggle Force No Precomputed Lighting and rebake, but that’s pointless if you’re not using static lighting at all.

Thank for your answers !

The example I screenshot was from a static object that wasn’t baked yet. I didn’t know about volumetric lightmaps, it’s definetly that.

I always wondered because I had this kind of shadows on rooftiles for example, as I wanted them to stay dynamic, and I didn’t understand where it came from ! Looks like I need to read about that now !

Thanks a lot !