unwanted custom character class in 5.2 project

Hello everyone,

I have a weird situation that I don’t even know how to google …

  • I created a 5.2 c++ third person project called “sandbox”. I worked on a character prototype, created in editor by duplicating the “BP_ThirdPersonCharacter” .

  • At some point I realized that this character was not a child class of the regular “character” c++ class anymore, but of a “sandboxCharacter” c++ class. (The original BP_thirdPErsonCharacter" is still a child of the “character” class)

There is no c++ work done at this point. Reparenting works, but breaks the camera navigation… I have yet to understand what happens with the camera…

The new “sandboxcharacter” class not being migrated with the character, it may become a problem later.

It is the very beginning of this project, so it won’t be a problem to redo it, but I would like to understand what happened ??

any input/explanation would be greatly appreciated !