Unsure of what's the advantage of using matinee over moving the camera manually

I’m in the very first steps of designing a vertical scroller game, picture 1942, and the background map/level will be made of 3D stuff, not an image.

So, someone advised me that a good idea would be to use matinee to move the camera flying over the background, however, for this very simple use case (the camera will move in a fixed direction with a fixed speed) would be necessary to use matinee over a simple event tick -> move camera?, which it seems to work just fine in the example I have.


Matinee currently is used to make cinematics, some time ago it was used to make anims like opening a door too, (which can be done with timelines right now, or animations), but now if you are not going to make an advanced cinematic, to animate world objects with complex animations or making camera effects/transitions I dont recomend that to you

There is no real need of using matinee, you should use the way that bests fits your needs and that is simpler for you

Thank you Nesjett, that cleared my doubt. I thought that Matinee was the way to go, but I’ve recently saw the timeline node and indeed it would be useful too for this situation.