Unsubscribed - UE4 update question

Hello! i have one question: if i unsubscribe some time after i get my copy of unreal engine 4 will i still be able to download updates while unsubscribed, or i must be subscribed to be able to download updates?

I apologize for grammatical incorrections , and i hope that you understand my question (english is not my native language , as you can see :confused: )

Hi Mbre0,

You must have an active subscription to receive updates.

Thank you,

Thanks for the quick reply :smiley: , so if unsubscribed, i can still re subscribe to recieve updates , or i must be subscribed all time ?

Yes, you can still re-subscribe and get the updates even after unsubscribing.

Thank you , that is all i wanted to know :smiley:

honestly i think itd be worth it to at least subscribe for the next few months as im pretty sure they will be lots of updates and new demo content coming :-).

i know :smiley: , maybe one day when my finantial situation gets better :confused: , for now i will have to enjoy in unsubscribed version.