[Unsolved] Get Controller Rotation, Paper2D Character issues

I’m trying to add movement to my character but everytime im using GetControlRotation all it does is gives me an error saying “This blueprint(self) is not a Controller, therefore ‘Target’ must have a connection”

You are in your CharacterBlueprint. That’s of type “MyCharacter”. The Parent is “APaperCharacter” or “ACharacter” or “APawn” (can’t remember).

The “GetControlRotation” node needs an Object if type “AController”. That’s why it says “This blueprint(self)…” so your Character “…is not a Controller…” which is true, cause
it’s a Character after all “…therefore TArget must have a connection.” because if it doesn’t, it’s using “self” which refers to the Blueprint you are in, which is Character and not Controller.

What do you need to do now? Use “GetController” and plug that into the TARGET of “GetControllerRotation”