UnrealVoxel - blocky Minecraft-like infinite world + download

this is just wind function node + world displacement

You mean SimpleGrassWind or Panner node? Could you take a simple screenshot?


nice work.

By the way this is not a game. It is only a prototype but maybe it should turn into the game? I am thinking about something like Harvest Moon with challanges of finding resources like water etc. I have also an idea how to change basic shape square to be something more unusual and not being Minecraft clone.

turn it into a game yes :slight_smile:
Its very cool.

I’ve updated the information

if i had a good pc… i would already have made a letsplay out of it XD
I sooo much love voxel games like this. :slight_smile:

But its lagging extremly even on lower settings… Its horrible :c my blueprint clone is even faster.
Any ideas?

Hmm I can make the render settings starts from 1…

Is Your CPU the bottleneck or GPU?
This is developement version because I wanted to keep Savegame folder inside the game folder. You have all commands available so You can set even more settings if You want.

yee that sounds cool :3
Just go ahead on this im eager to see where this can go.

OK, You can check it right now. I’ve changed configuration to start from render range 1. Enjoy


I changed it once again because it wasn’t applying range1. Right now should be really low range.

it did changed a few things. But theres still much work to be done. Thx tho :slight_smile:

Filly_The_Owl check this once again pls.

How many times today did you updated this :smiley:
Will redownload again!

hehe twice, first was changing settings but not applying them. If You see less terrain like here everything is fine

Have You guys tried?

i have :stuck_out_tongue: still lags.
Should i make you a list with my things i found bad? :slight_smile:
That would be very accurate feedback.

Yeah why not… Thanks
But if You are not able to run this prototype on ultra settings how You can give accurate feedback? :smiley:

I know alot about ue4 :smiley: So i can tell you exactly what you should do. :slight_smile:

  • Make button to deactivate Motionblur
  • Make button to deactivate godrays
  • Make button to deactivate lensflare
  • Make buttons for SSAO enable and its quality settings
  • Make movement harder so that the items and the arms dont move up and down so slow
  • Remove shadows of items in hand and handmesh shadow itself
  • Hotbar scrolling should be in the other direction
  • Height of player is wrong, should be 2 blocks height
  • mouse sensitivity settings
  • autosave on map leave
  • interaction animations with same speed as the actual action
  • menu for speed settings
  • flying option? maybe. classified


  • Make music volume sliders
  • more feedback sounds on interactions

All advices really hit home but I am not sure if I really should go so far. It was just small challange to see how Unreal Engine 4 is doing with all these generation and effects.

  • I can add more settings but You can still use commands in developement mode.
  • Movement harder? I can slow down the movement speed or increase weapon up-down speed.
  • Hotbar scrolling, ok it’s quick fix so I will do it.
  • What do You mean height character is wrong? it is 1 voxel wide and 2 height - feets this tunel 1x2
  • Sensitivity hmm
  • Autosave why not
  • Yeah I can improve animations
  • There was flying options but in other controller. Right now I am using only personCharacter

There is a lot of sounds already. Walk sound, hit sounds of different voxel type, menu sounds etc.

Thanks for Your feedback!