Unreal's Rigging Tools license?


I just found the Unreal’s Rigging tools and I’m wondering if it can be used outside of Unreal, per example, I create a 3D model and I rig it with the rigging tools, then I create an animation with the rig and I render the animation using Arnold, is there any restriction on doing that? What are the conditions of use? I can use it even in another engine if it is required?

Thanks in advance!

As long as any tool isn’t directly part of the end product - meaning that it is not made visible in the end product - then there is no need to concern your self with licensing or issue of any sorts.
It is a tool, and you are using it for what it is meant to be used. Animation.

An animation in the end is nothing but a text file with bone positions, there are no copyright or any restrictions what so ever as to how you go about obtaining said text.

if you just copy that text from somewhere else instead - you should be concerned. It’s not that anyone can tell mind you, it just makes you an ■■■ if you pass it off as your own work.