UnrealEngine4.5-Preview-Fedora20-x86_64 Package Errors

Today I compiled UnrealEngine-4.5-Preview on Fedora20-x86_64 and it compiled fine (editor and everything)
but when trying to package a project from the editor I get an error:

the error says that there is a file being added to a dictionary twice, I edited the file “Engine/Source/Programs/AutomationTool/Scripts/CopyBuildToStagingDirectory.Automation.cs”
added the lines at 432:

Console.WriteLine("src = " + Src + "—dest = " + Dest);

and found that the file being added twice is “Engine/Content/Slate/Common/DebugBorder.png” !
I don’t know why this is happening so I added another two lines to prevent this at 435:

UnrealPakResponseFile.Add(Src, Dest);

and that fixed the problem but it failed again when packaging with error “can’t find unrealpak” file.
that file exist in the “Engine/Binaries/Linux/” folder but with the name “UnrealPak” not “unrealpak” I renamed the file to “unrealpak” and regenrated the projects files again and this time the packaging succeeded.

if some of the devs see this please tell me what is happening.

UnrealPak name case was fixed in main branch ( although the fix was not merged to 4.5. I’ll see if we can get that merged.

As for the duplicate file, we’ll investigate.

thanks for reply