Unreal won't let me edit the properties of a LayerInfo file

I know this has to have been answered before, but after an hour of googling I can’t seem to find someone with my problem.
All I wish to do is assign a physical material to my landscape layers, this screenshot seems to tell me how;

But when I try to do that, thee Details window won’t display the layerinfo properties like this;


And if I RMB it and use “Edit Asset” The asset window is blank.


Maybe the way this is done has changed with engine versions? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and I know someone will now link to a page on docs.unrealengine.com and make me look silly but I already feel silly for not finding something this simple so… x3

Oh and I asked another question a few weeks ago and it got answered, but the forum wouldn’t let me post a proper thank you, so whom ever you were, thank you!

Click on Window menu and enable details panel on the “empty” window.
This is an old bug, sometimes the details panel from these windows are turned off.

Ah, it worked! Thank you!