UNREAL UE4 - ThirdPerson Map BUG: impossible to jump when pressing up + left buttons, why?

Hi, i just discovered a posible Bug or bad configuration in the Third person example Map , and i want to know how to fix it.

I just ceated this default Project, to run you press W, but if you need to run forward and to the left, you press W+A, if you do this and press “space bar” to jump, perfect, no problem, BUT if you use the keyboard arrow keys: UP button + LEFT button, then press “space bar” third person character cant jump, so bassically whe you run to the front and while presing UP you want to just press left and jump you cant, and i have no problems if i run and jump by pressing UP button and Right button, then space bar, character jumps perfect, but UP+LEFT+Space bar doesn´t work, state machine cant figure out how to make the jump, maybe its a bad configuration in the animation´s “Event Graph” but still haven´t been able to fix it.

Please help with Blueprints if possible, thanks