UNREAL UE 4 - Normals not showing, or showing until....half hour of game play, why?

Hi, i created a layered material (Unreal 4.19), each material has normals to create some typer of displacement in the material… but, some times normals show, sometimes normals dont, i have to restart unreal, or they suddely appear after like half hour of play… other times they wont appear, BUT if i double click the “material layer” a message says: compiling shaders… then normals appear… obviously players wont be able to double click materials to make normals work…

Why it happens, what can i do?


The only way to help is if you can post your material, otherwise is a game of guessing that will take forever. Please, consider post a screenshot, we would love to help.

Ok, this is my material layer configuration for the 3° material wich has the normals:

This is the material instance, with the 3 materials, the 2 first only have a color, the 3° has the normals:

Everything else its a default scene for thir person,

the “compiling shader” message you see in the screen, its exactly the moment when my material starts loading the normal map, right when i clik the material layer to open it, thats when it starts compiling and thas when it finally loads my normals at the scene, if i dont open my material first, it takes forever for normals to appear at the scene.