UNREAL UE 4 - How to re orient rotation from X axis to a normal 90° position?

Hi, im having trouble with my character X rotation after it lands, this character uses a slider to fly, after he finished flying and i decide to land, i posses my character again and he jumps to the ground leaving the slider behind him, this process Works perfect… BUT: if the slider is not in an standing posición (90°), when my character gets possesed, it lands on the ground depending on the slider rotation… this means my character lands in crazy positions, belly, 40°, on his back, he canot land in vertical normal position unless my slider is in a perfect 90° position (regular position when walking), then after my characters touches the ground he walks inclined to whatever crazy positions…

To fix this, i want my slider X rotation to smoothly fix to a regular rotation and looking forward before my character gets possesed, this way my slider will be in a perfect position before my character jumps and land on his feets, not his belly… How can i orient my slider?

Please add BP images, thanks