Unreal taking a long time to compile, but the problem only started in my last change.

I’m following this tutorial series:

My game would recompile and run just fine at the end of episode 3. Now my compile starts when I try to build in my c++. The creator of the tutorials has said he wasn’t doing a great job documenting what he was doing for the first 5 episodes or so, and so through confusion, I assume I’ve created an id10T error. What troubleshooting steps should I look for to fix my problem?

In fact, I think I found my answer to this. However I don’t know how I caused the error following it by trying to fix it. There are 49 errors.!
unreal cpp error|690x388
Do you recognize what I’m doing wrong? I don’t. Troubleshooting hints would be welcome too.

I thought about it again, and although I was advised to double click the top error and post online, I think I would also want to post my screencaps of my errors. I’ll need to post them in separate replies because I’m a new user, but I hope you’ll be patient with me.

Top of list:

Middle of list:

Bottom of list: