Unreal Studio User Accounts + Asset Management Query

Hi guys,
One of the things we have been wondering is how account and asset-store management is set to work with Unreal Studio, especially with regards to licensing.

  1. Is there going to be some kind of centralised ‘portal’ to enable a company to manage it’s licenses, assign and withdraw them from users and similar, so that there is more control over such things as when an employee leaves the company, and we needto re-provision their former account for a new user?
  2. How exactly would any purchases from the asset store work? Would they be tied to a company or a single user-account, (Thus necessitating , say, an [EMAIL=“”]assetstore@<companyName>.com account to make the purchases on)? Would they be required to be purchased by all the people working on the project? Would this potentially be, (as for example in the Unity store), a case of a separate and different license on each product?


Hi Charlie.

For the standard free beta of Unreal Studio, everything is currently accessed by individual user accounts.

However, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners is evaluating a custom company license and so your experience is a little different. I have your email address, and I will reach out to you shortly with more information.


Thanks for the reply Stephen; looking forward to the discussion! :slight_smile: