Unreal Studio in 4.19 preview


I noticed there’s a new tab “Unreal Studio” in thee “New Project” tab of 4.19 preview.

Anyone know what is it?

Hi xmak ,

here is a page on what it’s all about : Datasmith - Unreal Engine

Simply put it the new tab “unreal studio” relates to a new workflow of importing entire scene from your content creation tool like 3dsmax for instance and replicate identical objects transforms ,pivots, scales, material properties of the assets in the scene in addition to importing the same lights, cameras if you want to into UE4 .

Unlike FBX import options , unreal studio have Datasmith a new toolkit workflow essentially a plugin for importing data that allows for example importing vray materials and recreating shaders in UE4 exactly as they are in your 3dsmax scene.

and you can convert an existing blueprint tab project type into unreal studio project type .
have fun.