Unreal shows Logo on Xbox One when cooked

When cooked on the fly, we were able to cook our project, yet once it launched on Xbox One, it only displays the UE logo. We tried clicking buttons but the problem persists. Does anyone have a similar issue?

For Xbox One related questions, you should ask them in the Xbox One development sub-forum as to not break the NDA for Xbox developers.

Could you please add the link to the subforum here? As I could not find it earlier, so I had to posted in General Discussion. I will move to the sub if there is

You’ll see it at the very bottom of the Development Discussion section, if your access has been granted.

If you, or your team, has not initiated the request for console access, and you are operating under the standard UE4 EULA, begin here: Unreal Engine - Console Development Request for UE4

If your team has been setup for access, but you individually have not, your team’s contact can reach out to Epic to request your access be enabled as well.