Unreal searches for c++ 32-but compiler from wrong Visual Studio

I have had problems trying to be able to use C++ with Visual Studio… I use to have visual studio stored externally on a separate drive (same as unreal engine, different than operating system)- and Unreal Engine could not find Visual Studio. Then I went and installed visual studio on C:/ drive, and it was throwing a new error-where it could not find “class none” when creating a new C++ Class. So then I installed the newest version of Unreal Engine available (not the binary), and I not get an error that it cannot find the 32 bit c++ compiler in Visual Studio 2014 folder on my computer- which does NOT even exist on my computer (made sure hidden folders could be visible- which is always). It is really annoying that I cannot just choose the folder or EXE of Visual Studio; instead of using a pre-made drop down of selecting several-I tried changing from “Visual Studio” to “Visual Studio 2017” , which did nothing… I could really use some help.

I could also use some help, have similar problem