Unreal reporting i have many more objs than i do

Hi guys just a quick question unreal says i have 64thousand objects when in reality i have only maybe 100 at most is this normal am i missing something ?

Is it only saying that when you play, or is it in the editor too? Also, what type of objects are they, for instance, empty actors or a certain blueprint class?

It simply says 64 000 objects in the top right corner in the editor …After giving it a closer look i am clearly missing something as the number of objects changes each time i press play.And at no point am i spawning any projectiles etc . the obj stat im talking about is in the top right hand corner along with fps and memory used . should i ignore this ??

I’m not sure what’s happening there. My advice would be to ignore it if it’s not causing any problems. If it starts having side effects, then I’d try doing more research about the effect it’s having on your project, and that might suggest what’s happening. But if it never becomes an issue, then you don’t have a problem.