Unreal Networking only from server to client (not in the other direction)

Hey guys,
hope some of you can help me. I’m really new to unreal so this might be a totally noob problem.
I have a weapon which should spawn projectiles on the Server and on the Client. If the Server-Player shoots, everything is OK, it will be also spawned on the client side.
But if the client shoots, only the client sees it and the server will not be informed.

If I move the whole projectile spawn into the Player Blueprint, it works fine, but I want the weapon to spawn the projectile which seems causing this problem? Everything is setted to replicate, the actual spawning event is set to only run on the server.

Got anyone an idea whats wrong here?

Blueprint is kind of :

  • Player presses LMB -> Event call to the weapon “PrimaryFire” (ServerOnly).
  • Weapon spawns the Actor