Unreal Launcher - Cleanup Feature

Hello all! It would really be awesome if the Unreal Launcher had a Cleanup option under each Engine’s drop down menu in Library. After using Unreal for a while, the folder takes up more and more space which leads me to re-install the engine. It is currently taking up almost 13 GB on my SSD instead of the original size. A feature that could go through the specified engine version’s folder and delete all of the unnecessary files that take up tons of space would be a great feature in my opinion. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work guys! B)

Hi ,

Thank you for your request. I have entered a feature request, UE-8620 to be considered by the development staff.

Good idea! I’ve found that the ballooning of the engine is often caused by the launcher creating backups. You can just delete these from your engine folder and it should appreciably cut down on size. I saved something like 9 gigabytes last time I cleaned it out!