Unreal keeps disconnection my Pins also i cant package the game

Hi. Everytime i restart the editor some of the “Inventory BP” pins are disconnected. My Inventory is using Struct for the Item Infromation.

This is the Startup log from the editor output console:


Everytime i try to package my game for Windows it fails. This is the Package output log from the outputconsole of the editor :

I have the feeling that UE4 HATES Struct’s.

I remember having this problem with CSV files. I gave up in the end.

Hi Gunschlinger,

Could you post the ‘pins disconnecting’ issue to the Bug Report section of AnswerHub?

If you like, you could also post the ‘packaging failure’ issue to the Packaging and Deployment section. Just make sure to link the 2 issues in their descriptions just in case the first issue is causing the second.



Hi TJ,

i experience the same issue with struct with 4.10