Unreal Handheld AR template broken?


I’m having an issue that I hope someone can help with. When I simply start an Unreal scene and click on Handheld AR template none of the settings that the documentation says should be setup, get setup(ex minimum IOS version, ARKit Plugin turning on, ect). When I try to follow the getting started documentation I don’t have access to the ARKit tools that the documentation says I should have (ex: Apple ARKit Camera, Apple ARKit Camera Texture ect). I’ve already enabled the Apple ARkit plugin. It appears like ARKit, after I enable it never gets installed. Any Ideas?

System - Macbook Pro late 2013 - Latest OS Mojave 10.14.2. Unreal 4.21.1. I’ve tried rolling back to 4.20 but I’m seeing the same issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

also I’m running Xcode 10.1, tried rolling back to 10, but no changes