UNREAL GAMES on X-ONE "without" MS SDK? (stay tunned)

Whatahell? LOL


Epic? Any words? LOL

That would definitely make development for Xbox One a lot easier.

Supposition and wishes don’t make it so …

Microsoft keeps a tight leash on what can go on their consoles and I don’t ever expect that to change.

It’s a lot of claims we’ve heard before:

Microsoft have been trotting out this kind of line every year or so, and it has always been a load of rubbish since they announced GfWL several years ago. Nothing has improved on their end at all.

A small number of early 360 games did have cross platform play with the PC. It was abandoned when it turned out PC gamers have a colossal advantage in those games, I don’t know if it’ll ever come back. It could work, but the kinds of games where it would work might not be the kinds of games that are fun to play on a console or with a gamepad…

They had said at one point that they wanted to make it so that anyone with an Xbox One could use it for development, but it currently isn’t an option. It wouldn’t be crazy if they announced something like that with Windows 10.

That was before Nadella was CEO.

Anyway from today we learn nothing particularly new.

At this point I would expect that Xbox one will last console from microsoft that had unique software. If there will be next xbox it will use exactly the same hardware and sdk as normal PCs.

Lots of “crystalballing” here (don’t get me so serious LOL):

If X-One accepts PC games trough win10, what will happen with STEAM? Since Steam app is also a win64 application if PC games run, Steam client will run, and I doubt MS will want another “store” on their boxes. Maybe some sort of arrangement? Control trough a win10 store? Will win10 have access to “open” Internet when installed on X-One to authenticate Steam Games?

To “us” technically doesn’t says too much, U4 is already going to run anywhere (PC, Android, html5, iOS, Mac, PS4, X-Ones, Philips toasters…). But regarding market…

And here we go…

Windows 10 on X-One - theverge

Nothing is going to happen, since if they disallow 3rd party stores in Windows, they will be big **** hole in EU ;).

That’s not the situation, you can develop for Win10 but current apps are not developed for it, so they can’t work on Xbox One. Steam could be made to run on it, but each game would have to as well. In any case, Microsoft would control what apps can be released for Xbox, it’ll be like a developer wants to develop for Win10 and Xbox and Microsoft can approve that.

IF they disallow 3rd party stores, BUT charges less than Steam, GOG, I would happily release my games through them. :smiley: LOL

And remember, that’s just for Xbox, Windows 10 can still run Steam, it’s just that Steam isn’t doing anything special for Windows 10

I got this “part”… But look how funny it is…

  • XBox has Live, that is the MS “Own” Store.
  • On allow Steam Games on XBox (through Win10) they’re placing competition inside a “controlled” territory (MS own console) is more or less like invite Brad Pitt to live with you and your wife on your house. LOL

Now let’s try figure how our “userbase” will behave:

  • I bought a game on Steam, I dont have X-One = Nothing happens.
  • I bought a game on Steam, I have a X-One, I “know” win 10 games runs on it = I wanna try! Here we go to lots of trouble.
  • I bought a game on Win Store, I have a X-One = I’ll play it on both.

Please consider lots of “guessing”. :smiley:

A game made for Win10 will not run on Xbox, there’s no way to do that, you’re still buying games for either Xbox One or PC, a game made for Windows 10 will not run on Xbox. There would be a bit more work to get a Win10 app to run on Xbox so it’s not like just installing the program on Xbox.