Unreal Game Engine 4.16 will not load past 35% on mac

I cannot seem to load past 35% with EU4.16, it keeps crashing. This is my first time attempting to load up the game.
I am using Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.6.

Is it possible maybe to download an older version of EU for mac? If so can you please provide directions and a link?

Hi, mpinchover.

I got the same problem on MacOs too, but I managed to solve it.

The problem is in the engine, so your projects won´t be damaged.

Simply, uninstall Unreal Engine (4.16) and download it again, then it should work correctly. (At least it worked for me)

Hope this works for you.

first, run boot camp it allows you to run windows 10 look that on youtube.
then download unreal engine and download the first version and delete all the stuff from the options panel then it should work 60%.