Unreal freezes while importing smoothed mesh whats wrong?

i smooth the mesh in maya and it freezes whats going on?

Could be anything… Your question is like: “My car is broken… Why is that? My car is green”.

What is your polycount on the mesh?
Are you using N-gons (with holes) in your geometry?
Do you use triangles or quads in your geometry?
How many material elements o you use?
Did you unwrap the UVs?
When you say “freezes”, how patiently are you waiting? :wink:
What are the specs of your hardware?

well i seen somebody else do it and they said the same thing. I used stingray engine it imports fine 1 min a little longer but one minute and not freeze. compared to unreal freezes and wait ten mins.

To unreal that need to fix that and also fix the collision box to have a diameter which you may type in instead scale with tool.