Unreal FPS C++ tutorial had issue getting BP_FPSCharacter to be default GameMode Pawn.

For anyone who has a play with this tutorial -

This little trick worked for me by chance.

if you have trouble getting your BP_FPSCharacter to be GameMode Default Pawn to play correctly and for the in game message ( We are using FPSCharacter ) to be displayed.

I had to click and Drag the BP_FPSCharacter from the Content browser into the editor.
Press play and the message will display.
I then Saved and closed the Editor.

Upon re opening the editor and clicking the play button I now had the message displayed Twice.
I deleted the BP_FPSCharacter / Capsule etc, I dragged in from Content and then it worked correctly & ready to add the axis and action mappings for Input etc.

So Hope this helps someone.

And Hopefully no more issues with the rest of this Tutorial…

NOTE: It says for version 4.11 and I am using 4.13.2 so something may have change not sure.

I don’t know why the tutorial has you set the character via the Maps & Modes menu.

To set the Character in the GameMode, you’ll need to do:

AFPSProjectGameMode ::AFPSProjectGameMode ( )
    static ConstructorHelpers::FClassFinder<APawn> PawnAsset( TEXT("/Game/Blueprints/BP_FPSCharacter") );
    if( PawnAsset.Succeeded( ) )
         DefaultPawnClass = PawnAsset.Class;

This will set the Blueprint as the default pawn class used by the game, when the game is set to “FPSProjectGameMode”.