Unreal EXPORT issues

Hi guys

Got a unique issue, I need to export a load of 3D models OUT of unreal and into Maya. I have managed to export .fbx files fine and open them in Maya without issue…

However I need to export textures / materials that are used in Unreal and open these in Maya too… as I export I am only offered .COPY or .T3D formats…which Maya doesnt recoognise…

Any ideas?


Just export the meshes as a fbx file + the textures as a png -> right click onto the texture - export - png, because you cant export materials :slight_smile:

I think when you export the mesh as an obj file, it also exports the textures -> it was like that in UDK

Cheers for that, I ended up exporting all of the textures individually… I thought you could export a whole material from Unreal but thats just silly