Unreal Engine4 for Outlast inspired game. Where to start?

I’m a Multimedia Studies major with emphasis on Animation. I’m looking debating between using Unity3d or UnrealEngine4 for a indie game I’d like to start building. So far it’s a one-man team, but it’s definitely a project I’d like to get started while I’m studying Maya, art, and film at university. The type of game I’m wanting to develop is a first person survival horror game in same vein as say Outlast or Amnesia. I’d like to incorporate exploration, Resident Evil-esque puzzles, very little combat (if at all), and a involving story. For someone with absolutely zero knowledge in programming what is the best way to start? I understand there is a First Person template included w/ the engine, but are there other useful templates on the market I should use? Is it even necessary to purchase templates in the market since there is blueprints since it’s better suited for non-programmers? I doubt I will be learning C++ so what is capable w/ using blueprints over C++? Also, I am using a student version of Maya and might have to resort to Blender so I can use my models commercially. How is the compatibility with Unreal and Blender?

As for Unity, there are some nice (and cheaper) Adventure Kits / First Person Shooter/Survival kits in the asset store. However, from what I’ve researched the Unreal engine offers a bit more out of the box whereas with Unity I might be relying more on the asset store. In terms of game content I would be creating my own 3d models, textures, etc. The only thing I’d be investing in with the asset store/ or marketplace is scripting material and/or templates.

For programming stuff–Blueprints are easiest to learn if you have no experience with programming. Unity has C# which is not super difficult to learn if you want to try it, but it’s not as easy to use as Blueprints.
If you can find things in the marketplace that have gameplay stuff that you want then I’d say go for it, there’s also probably some stuff people have shared in the forums or in tutorials that can help when you come to an issue.
For Unity you will have to buy a number of things on the marketplace because it doesn’t include a lot of features, for example the UI system they have in Unity is very lacking in features.