Unreal Engine Widget System dosen't seem to like the mouse. RESETTING ISSUE

I’m doing a single player Party member Rpg game (not multiplayer).

At first I thought resizing the mouse hotspot had caused the code in the Mouse Exit icon button to stop working. Because the after I resized the mouse hotspot and hit compile and then save, the double mouse click had stopped working on the Exit window button

When the double mouse click had stopped functioning, I checked the gate node, it was CHECKED TO START CLOSED. So I unchecked it.

Now the gate works again and I can double click the mouse to shut the window down, but it only works one way. if I shut the window down the first time then go back again into the same trigger to try to reopen the same window again the window just remains all shut. (won’t reopen the window) (gate stays closed…)

But I need the gate to open up everytime that I walk back into the trigger.

Do I need a branch and a boolean to re-check the gate again after first opening it? Because I have got nothing in the gate node for
a boolean variable at the moment so can someone tell me how to fix this because if I’m missing a little bit of logic out of the code
to complete the function properly then I need to know what the missing logic is.

Here’s the code